Siglin Pulks are used by skiers,
skijorers, backpackers, mountaineers,
hunters, and others needing a sled that
is stable and durable as well as

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Racing Pulks.
Features of the Siglin Pulk

* Integrating tracking

* Tough, flexible 1/8 inch
red or blue UV-resistant
UHMW plastic

* Can be used by hunters to transport game across
bare ground

* Optional UHMW poles available with mounting  
hardware (click
here for photos)
Use of the Pulk

Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene
(UHMW) is a remarkable material.  It’s
incredibly tough and takes a lot of abrasion by
rocks.  To make the sled load as narrow as
possible for pulling, try loading it about six inches
deep with heavy gear, then lacing the pulk tightly
to pull the sides in.  A second layer can then be
tied on top.  The sides can be pulled  together at
the front, or the center of the front can be pulled
back to alter the angle at which the front of the
sled meets the snow in deep snow conditions.

Use a large zippered duffel bag or one of the
Rubbermaid Roughtote Action Packer boxes for
carrying gear in the sled.  The 8 gallon version
fits perfectly, and two can be stacked on top of
one another.  Carrying bulky, lightweight gear
(like sleeping bags) in a pack may also help make
space available in the pulk for heavier items.  The
sled should be fastened to the pack belt, or a
separate hip belt if no pack is in use.  Hardware
for this can be provided.

Store the sled out of direct sunlight.
Three sizes are available: 4', 5', and 6'.

-        4' Siglin Pulk measures 3'6" x 18",
and has a flat bottom measuring 2'7" x 12".
Weight: 5lbs 1oz
-        5' Siglin Pulk measures 4'6" x 18", and
has a flat bottom measuring 3'7" x 12".
Weight: 6lbs 7oz
-        6' Siglin Pulk measures 5'6" x 18", and
has a flat bottom measuring 4'7'' x 12".
Weight: 7lbs 8oz
Named one of Outdoor
top 10 Winter
Camping Essentials for 2014!
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Authorized Siglin Pulk Dealers

Barney's Sports Chalet
Anchorage, AK   (907) 561-5242

Beaver Sports
Fairbanks, AK   (907) 479-2494
Germany   +49 (0) 8858-7723010

Icetrek Expeditions & Equipment
Oceania   +61 (3) 6223-1450
Northern lights over the Brooks Range.  Photo courtesy of Evan Howard.
Photo courtesy of Beau Heyser. Click here to watch his solo
Harding Icefield expedition in September 2017.
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Edition Cross Fox Pulks
New pulk accessories!
Pulk Sled Bags from Custom Canvas Alaska

Available in
grey, burgundy, or green.

Long-lasting and weatherproof, these bags
are fabricated locally with materials suited
to extreme cold climates. Easy to remove
and carry into your tent or cabin. brand 6' or 7' Split Pole Sets

We are now the Alaskan distributor for these strong,
lightweight fiberglass pole sets. These split poles were
created for customers who need to break their poles down
for transport. Split poles use a stainless steel mid-pole
coupler that is as durable as the full-length poles. Includes
Channel Kit hardware for attaching to your own sled.

* The poles have both a ball-joint end and an eye-bolt end.
* The poles are just over 6 feet long
* The pole set weighs about 2lbs 12oz (the included Channel
Kit weighs another 8oz)
* Made of 1/2" fiberglass rods coated with a protective finish
* The aluminum couplers (pole ends) are specially
machined for