Hauling the Loads
for the

2009 Serum Run
The late Colonel Norman Vaughn, Antarctic explorer and father of
the Serum Run, at the start in Nenana, Alaska
. Feb 2005
Photo by  A. Peck & B. Yost
Alan Peck tows his load in style along the mighty Yukon River!
Nenana to Nome by dogsled
and snowmachine, that's the
Serum Run trip held every
February commemorating
the relay team of
dogsledders who transported
the essential serum from the
farthest stop of the Alaska
Railroad to fight the
outbreak of diptheria in
Nome in 1925.  For more
information, click
At right,  BJ Mader shows
how well action packers work
to haul a weatherproof load.
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