Recovery Skis

A cost-effective emergency retrieval
tool for use when heavy equipment
fails in the field.

Fabricated from Ultra High
Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) to
fully contain rubber and/or steel tracks.
Custom-made to your specifications.

Call for pricing.
Allow 8 weeks lead time.

Used by NSF sponsored
research programs, such as
the South Pole Traverse

"We towed the 54,000 pound Case
tractor 20 miles down the trail on
the Ross Ice Shelf to a place where
the Twin Otter could catch up with
us and deliver the needed part.  We
were well pleased that the recovery
skis worked for us, giving us the
option to travel rather than to stay

John Wright,
South Pole Traverse Manager

For more photos click HERE.
All photos courtesy of John Wright, South Pole
Traverse Manager
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