Light-weight Racing Pulks are used
throughout North America by
serious wilderness racers who don't
want anything to hold them back.
Hi Dave-
... I just got back from Canada... The sled
worked great! I won the Rock and Ice Ultra
because of the low friction and flexibility of
the pulk.  I was held back less than other
sleds would have...  I am very happy with
how it performed for the 250K.

Dave Mackey    
Boulder, Colorado    March, 2007
Features of the light-weight racing pulk:

*Tough, flexible 1/16" white UHMW

Measures 3'6" x 18", with a flat bottom
measuring 2'7" x 12"

*Ultra-light weight at 3.5 pounds

*Poles / harness not included
Photo courtesy of Matt Crossman
See our racing pulks in use at the
start of the
Yukon Arctic Ultra!

Click here for an interview with
Caspar Wakefield, winner of the
2013 Yukon Arctic Ultra 430.
"I have used the Northern Sled Works racing
sled for several years while participating in
the Iditarod Trail Invitational.  I have pulled
the sled 350 miles across frozen tundra,
rivers, swamps and through deep snow in
the Alaskan wilderness.  The Northern Sled
Works sled has been hauling my survival
gear and training weight for hundreds of
hours as I train for winter wilderness
adventures.  I have used other
toboggans/sleds in the past but can
definitely vouch for the superiority of my sled
from Northern Sled Works.  It maintains
excellent glide even at –50 degrees
Fahrenheit.  I have to admit to not operating
so great myself at those temperatures!  The
sled will also better “float” on the surface in
deep snow.  Other sleds I have used tend to
“plow” through deep snow.  The Northern
Sled Works sled is almost effortless to pull
with 40+ pounds of gear on hard packed
trails and ice.  I also appreciate the flexibility
of the Northern Sled Works sled – I can
move items around in either a wider or
narrower configuration.  The length is perfect
for holding a duffle and plenty of gear for
multi-day outings.

I also appreciate dealing with David Doudna
at Northern Sled Works.  He is very
responsive to each customer.  I have
recommended these sleds to several other
friends and they also have become converts
to Northern Sled Works Sleds.

-- Anne Ver Hoef
Photo courtesy of Anne Ver Hoef
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Photo courtesy of Matt Crossman
I'm just back from the 2015 Iditarod Trail Invitational, where more than half of
the participants used your sleds. 1st, 3rd, 5th (me), 6th, 7th and 8th place.
Despite some minor issue with the sled catching rocks and branches in the cut
ups at the front - the pulk did an amazing job. I am planning on bringing the
same model next year because it glides so much better than the other brands.

Med Venligste Hilsner / Best regards,

Moses Løvstad
Photo courtesy of Moses Løvstad
Peter Ripmaster, towing a red 5' Siglin Pulk, and David Johnston,
towing a 4' light-weight racing pulk, at mile 1 of the 2015 Iditarod Trail
Invitational 350. Johnston went on to place first, Ripmaster third.
Photo courtesy of Peter Ripmaster