Siglin Sleds      
10' x 42" Wide Model
10' x 32" Standard Model       

Cross Fox Sleds
10' x 32" Standard Model
8' x 32" Trapper Model
6' x 32" Mini Model    

Siglin Pulks
4' Pulk
5' Pulk
6' Pulk
7' UHMW Pulk Poles Split Pole Set

4' LW Racing Pulk

4' Siglin Pulk Bag
5' Siglin Pulk Bag

Cross Fox Pulks
4' CF Pulk
5' CF Pulk
$975 (red, green, blue)
$900 (red, green, blue)
$975 (red, green, blue)
$950 (red, green, blue)
$775 (red)
$235 (red, blue)
$255 (red, blue)
$275 (red, blue)

North Slope YB Freight Sled
42" x 12' model
$1445 (red, green, blue)
Recovery Skis
Call for prices.  Please allow eight weeks lead time.

Custom Sleds
Customized to your specifications; prices upon request.
No refunds on special orders.

Old Timer's Discount
If you are 70 or above, ask about our Old Timer's Discount!
We accept cash, checks, money orders, or Mastercard/Visa
credit cards.  Phone and fax orders welcome.  50% deposit
generally required.  Additional shipping costs dependent
upon your location and current carrier prices.
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$345 (red, blue)
$385 (blue)
$215 (grey, burgundy, green)
$235 (grey, burgundy, green)