Northern Sled Works began in 1996, offering
an alternative winter toboggan to the ever
popular local Siglin Sled line.
 Alpine Toboggans
were winter freight sleds designed to be more
rigid, offer a larger drier volume, and to utilize
a flexible tow bar system complete with a
reversible spring loaded hitch design.  Initial
market targets were outfitters and local
adventurers who wanted to keep as much snow
and wet overflow away from their gear as
possible while using an open sled design.  
Sales doubled the first three seasons and design
improvements from user feedback helped to produce the 7' Prospector and
9' Expedition models.  Optional hardwood ash trim, wooden floor boards,
full and half length UHMW runners and complete Cordura or Canvas covers
were available on all models.  An extra wide (XW) version of the Alpine
Toboggan was also available on a limited basis for those needing even more
freighting capacity.

During the summer of 2002 the
Siglin Sled line of winter sleds was acquired
by Northern Sled Works.  These remarkable winter freight sleds have
proven to be durable and yet simple in design, making them a favorite of
winter travelers across Alaska and Canada. Heavy freight remains stable due
to the low center of gravity, and the flexible design allows the load to flow
over the contours of the terrain being traversed.  This line of sleds has been
tested on several thousand-mile excursions into the vast Alaskan and
Canadian Arctic by Roger Siglin and his companions during the past decade.
More history about Siglin Sleds can be found

In late 2006, Northern Sled Works introduced a replacement for the Alpine
Toboggan line: the Cross Fox series of sleds.  With high sides and a narrow
girth, as well as greater flexibility than the Alpine Toboggan, the Cross Fox
sled quickly became a popular choice among trappers, outdoorsmen, and

Northern Sled Works caters not only to every day winter travelers, but also
to several research, search & rescue, and military agencies worldwide. Not
only do state and federal resource agencies in Alaska utilize our products,
but so do various US and foreign government affiliations in charge of
maintaining research facilities in Antarctica. From Iceland to New Zealand
and to the glaciers of the Andes Mountains in Chile, Northern Sled Works is
expanding and becoming the worldwide choice for those who work and
play under extreme arctic environments.
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2014 Iditarod musher Nicholas Petit's team as he scratched in
Unalakleet. Photo courtesy of
Alaska Dispatch.