UHMW splash guard attached to
cataraft headed for a research
project on Alaska's North Slope.
One of the most unique custom sleds
Northern Sled Works has built to date
was constructed for a balloon up in
the Hoodoos of the Alaska Range
during the 2006 Arctic Man games.
A 20' sled headed for the Yukon River.
Case Quad Track on Recovery Skis. Ross
Ice Shelf, Antarctica.
A log skidder designed to tow behind a
four wheeler or a snowmachine was used
along the Kantishna River with good
A 10' by 20' custom freight sled bound for
Click here for additional information on Recovery Skis.
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Got an itch to tinker? At Northern Sled Works we
are always interested in finding solutions to your
unique needs, and we also enjoy seeing the
fruits of others' creativity.

Fred Hupprich (88) of Fairbanks walked into my
shop one day a little over two years ago looking
for some scrap pieces of UHMW. After chatting
for a spell, I could see this Alaskan Sourdough
had a head full of ideas and a youthful vigor and
enthusiasm to begin a project building an old-
fashioned winter sled for his grandkids. His plans
seemed pretty well laid-out, and I had no doubt
that in the end he would produce a very nice
functional sled that a child would prize. Last year
Fred stopped by again and showed me the sled
in the back of his truck that was almost finished. I
was happily impressed, and when Fred asked
for some more UHMW for a second sled idea of
his, I quickly pointed him in the direction of my
scrap pile. As I was getting ready for the 2014
Go Winter! Expo, Fred pulled into the driveway
one more time with two beautiful, unique sleds. I
am certain that Fred feels a little sense of
satisfaction knowing that both of these sleds will
be enjoyed for many years to come. I do not
know Mr. Hupprich all that well, but in the course
of our conversations I can attest to his sharp wit
and fantastic stories from his youth, having been
born right here in Fairbanks. If you happen to
know Fred Hupprich, tell him he did a fantastic
job on the two kid’s sleds that he made from
scratch. It is nice to know that there are still a
few folks around who like to tinker and build
things with their own hands. Here’s to you, Fred