Alpine Toboggans were designed as
an alternative to the standard Siglin Sled,
featuring higher sides and a more rigid
design. The sled design has been
modified somewhat over the past several
years and today is considered one of the
finest toboggan work sleds in Alaska.

Fairbanks snowmachiner Greg Wyman
used a custom Alpine Toboggan when he
and some friends rode from Fairbanks to
Nome several years ago.  Wyman also
towed the sled 1,000 miles from
Fairbanks toWhitehorse while serving as
a trailbreaker for the Yukon Quest
International Sled Dog Race.

"I had it loaded up and it pulled real
easy," said Wyman. "I could go at any
speed and not even know it was there.
I'm really happy with it."
Tim Mowry, Fairbanks Daily Newsminer
August 19, 2003

Alpine Toboggans are constructed of
the same 1/4" thick ultra high molecular
weight (UHMW) UV resistant
polyethylene as the Siglin Sleds.  All
hardware is either stainless steel or Grade
8 for strength and protection against the

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Alpine Toboggans are reinforced sleds offering higher sides
and a reversible spring-loaded hitch.  They come in both 7’ & 9’
lengths, and are 36” wide.
Features of the Alpine Toboggan:

*These toboggans have high sides and a unique semi-prow
front. This combination secures the load while also preventing
snow and overflow from entering the sled.

*Numerous tie-down tabs are located along the top rails.
Rope, bungee cords or ratchet straps can be used for securing
a variety of load situations.

*Two 30" galvanized steel angle-iron tracking skegs keep the
toboggan on the trail and help control the load when traveling
over ice and compacted trail conditions.

*The tow bars and hitch assembly are machined from 2"
UHMW stock material. A spring-cushioned 3/4" heavy duty
eye bolt fastens the toboggan to your snowmachine pintle
hitch. The hitch can be rotated in order to accommodate
snowmachines with either flapper or pintle style hitches.

*A 3/16" galvanized wire cable is fastened to the tow bars
and threaded through both sides along the toboggan and
connected at the back via a turnbuckle. This allows your snow
machine to pull the entire load from the rear of the toboggan,
thus enabling heavy freight to be transported more easily.

*Full or half length UHMW runners and custom covers are
available as optional additions.
Alpine Toboggans are no
longer available
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