Reliable solutions
to all your arctic freighting needs.
Northern Sled Works
custom-fabricates sleds ideal
for winter camping, trapping,
wood hauling, expeditions,
and general freighting duties.
These sleds are constructed
of UV resistant Ultra High
Molecular Weight (UHMW)
polyethylene, which is highly
durable and performs well
under extreme arctic
conditions.  Northern Sled
Works produces several
types of sleds, to
accommodate various
Siglin Sleds are
tough yet flexible sleds
designed to be towed behind
a snowmobile.  Their proven
design has been tested over
tens of thousands of miles in
the Arctic and Antarctic over
the last twenty years.  
Fox Sleds feature higher
sides with a flexible design
similar to that of a Siglin
Siglin pulks are a
lightweight, smaller variation
of the Siglin Sled.  They are
perfect for skijorers, mountain
climbers and hunters.   A
variety of
Custom Sleds are
also offered, including our
proven Recovery Skis,  as
well as 20' and longer
heavy-duty freight sleds.  Call
us with details of your
requirements, and we'll do
our best to fabricate a custom
sled that will meet your needs.

Northern Sled Works has
developed a reputation for
excellence in product
reliability and customer
Contact us for
ordering and shipping
Reliable solutions
to all your arctic freighting needs.
Important:  All sleds are designed for hauling freight only.  They are not intended for hauling people.
Store all sleds out of direct sunlight.  Keep covered when not in use.
Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 Season!
Transporting drilling equipment near Summit Station Greenland.
Photo courtesy of Jay Johnson.
Cross Fox meets Red Fox. Photo courtesy of Arno Krumm.
Harding Icefield expeditions with a SIglin Pulk. Photos
courtesy of Beau Heyser. Video of his trips can be found
Wow, some clients are putting 30,000+ miles on our sleds! Check out their stories here.
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Look what's new: Custom storage/trap boxes
Two styles, three different colors: red, green, or blue

Strong design. Long lasting. Hinged, lockable 3/8" thick lids. Tough, durable
1/4 inch UHMW sides of UV resistant polyethylene. Weatherproof. Will not
deteriorate like regular plywood boxes.
Can be built to fit on the back racks of
most snowmachines.

Standard rectangular box style: $445     Larger Extended Box Style: $495
Congratulations to James and
Brandi Beaudrault of North Pole,
winners of the 4' Siglin Pulk
giveaway at the 2018 Go Winter!
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Why buy from Northern Sled Works or an
authorized dealer?

Northern Sled Works, Inc. is an established
business, licensed and insured, with 20 years in
the industry. Our experience and commitment to
producing quality products shows in our attention
to detail, hand-making each sled one at a time
with top of the line UV-resistant UHMW that is
made in the USA. We have never used (and will
never use) inferior regrind UHMW products for
our sleds. Northern Sled Works also offers a
broad selection of original models, with the
added option of customizing your sled to your
particular needs. Choosing a genuine Northern
Sled Works sled gives you the benefit of our
warranty: we stand behind our sleds, and if
necessary, will quickly make any needed repairs.